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The ACS Blueprint

An SME point-of-view and set of prescriptive recommendations allowing you develop and deploy applications on solid foundation. Ensures all stakeholders have the same baseline knowledge and expectations are understood across the team. DevOps teams have hundreds of considerations to manage and new ones pop up each day. Don’t go into these engagements only partially prepared.

ACS Development, Integration and Deployment

ACS specialist will start with a Discovery process where we will go through an In-depth architecture and application review. From this review we’ll work to develop an actionable Technical Assessment. Our Consultants and Engineers understand the most innovative technologies and will work to bring ease of use and innovation to your DevOps team.

ACS Maintenance and Support

We offer hands-on training while we work to deploy your containers as well as while operating them, whatever your level of experience is. We offer professional services If you would like us to take care of managing your implementation. Our support team is available around the clock to respond to any issues that may arise.

Learn More About Docker And Kubernetes Training and Certifications

How we help

Are you starting your journey to a container based architecture? Are you searching Google for resources but eventually end up on some vendors site thats pitching you VM’s or IaaS? Advanced Cloud Services works with companies to differentiate their cloud platform offering. Harness your applications full power, support your customers and focus on innovating new applications with speed by removing the cumbersome processes caused by your legacy technology stack.


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